Seeing the fall colors of New England was the primary objective, but we were able to travel through 26 states with the overall completed goal of visiting all 50 states together in our married life. And for the record, West Virginia was the final of the 50. And it was unexpectedly beautiful.

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Research provides a starting point

Before designing, building and traveling, we first needed a starting point.

Needs, wants, and nice to haves

Prioritization of features helps clarify and unify common needs and desires.

Stealth Design

How to make a custom van look more like a normal cargo or crew van.

Heating and Cooling

How will we heat in the winter and cool in the summer?

Sizing solar system

How did we know how many solar panels, batteries, and what size inverter and charge controller we...

Sound dampening makes our van sound less like a can

How to make the van sound less like a can on the inside.